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A Partnership    of Success…
Nercon Eng. & Mfg., Inc., Baldor Electric and  Kurz Electric Solutions
成功的伙伴关系…Nercon工程师。 &Mfg。,Inc.,Baldor Electric和Kurz Electric Solutions

Thirty-four years ago, James L. Nerenhausen  started his process and packaging conveyor engineering  and manufacturing business, Nercon Eng. & Mfg., Inc., in an empty gas station in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Rick Nowak with Kurz Electric Solutions in Neenah, Wisconsin, called on the account from day one, standardizing them on Baldor•Reliance® motors and drives and Baldor•Dodge® power transmission products.

三十四年前,James L. Nerenhausen开始了他的工艺和包装输送机工程与制造业务Nercon Eng。 &Mfg。,Inc.,位于威斯康星州奥什科什的一个空加油站。 威斯康星州Neenah的Kurz Electric Solutions的Rick Nowak从第一天开始就提出要求,对Baldor•Reliance®电机和驱动器以及Baldor•Dodge®动力传动产品进行标准化。

Nercon, an industry-leading high-end conveyor manufacturer has standardized on Baldor products based on a history of quality. Here Baldor•Reliance Super-E® Washdown Duty motors and Baldor•Dodge E-Z Kleen® Tigear-2® reducers were selected for reliability and energy cost savings.
业界领先的高端输送机制造商Nercon基于质量历史对Baldor产品进行了标准化。 在这里,选择Baldor•RelianceSuper-E®冲刷负荷电动机和Baldor•Dodge E-ZKleen®Tigear-2®减速器是为了提高可靠性和节省能源成本。

From that humble beginning, Nercon has grown into a full-service engineering company with two large manufacturing facilities located in Wisconsin. It designs and manufactures custom conveyor systems and related material handling equipment, primarily serving Fortune 500 consumer packaged goods companies.
从那不起眼的开始,Nercon就发展成为提供全方位服务的工程公司,在威斯康星州拥有两个大型制造工厂。 它设计和制造定制的输送机系统和相关的物料搬运设备,主要为《财富》 500强消费品包装公司提供服务。

Nercon’s engineers are proficient at designing fully integrated and automated conveyor lines for handling food packaging, process ingredients, bulk food, frozen food, beverages, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, health and nutritional items, tissue products, and personal care merchandise. Simply stated, Nercon’s expertise includes handling just about any type of product found in a typical grocery store.
Nercon的工程师精通于设计完全集成和自动化的输送线,用于处理食品包装,工艺配料,散装食品,冷冻食品,饮料,乳制品,药品,保健和营养品,薄纸产品以及个人护理用品。 简而言之,Nercon的专业知识包括处理典型杂货店中发现的几乎所有类型的产品。

The company, still headquartered in Oshkosh, continues to purchase product from Nowak, now the CEO and president of Kurz, and they remain loyal to the Baldor products that have helped them become successful.

Faith Bauch, Nercon’s senior purchasing manager, has been with the company since 1981. Over the years, she says it has looked at other distributors and other products but has always decided to stay with Kurz and with Baldor.
Nercon的高级采购经理Faith Bauch自1981年以来一直在公司工作。多年来,她说,Nercon一直在寻找其他分销商和其他产品,但始终决定留在Kurz和Baldor。

“Because we are a custom house, we have dealt with other companies and other brands,” says Bauch. “What we’ve discovered is that others can’t always give us the backup and the support we need. The service that we get from Kurz is terrific, and Baldor stands behind its product. We know it, and our customers know it.”
Bauch说:“因为我们是顾客之家,所以我们与其他公司和其他品牌打交道。” “我们发现,其他人并不能总是为我们提供所需的备份和支持。 我们从库尔兹(Kurz)获得的服务很棒,而Baldor则支持其产品。 我们知道,我们的客户也知道。”

A proven track record of quick support is a key factor in a purchasing decision. But Dean Highdale, Nercon’s purchasing director, says standardizing on the Baldor brand also helps them with its overall costs.
可靠的快速支持记录是购买决策的关键因素。 但是Nercon的采购总监Dean Highdale表示,对Baldor品牌的标准化也有助于他们提高整体成本。

“Standardization means we need less inventory, fewer spare parts and less time for training because our employees are familiar with Baldor products,” explains Highdale. “The breadth of product that we can get from Baldor is also important to us. We can get everything from motors to mechanical, from explosion proof to stainless steel. Since we do custom work, we need to work with a company that can provide a wide variety of products to meet our customers’ needs.”
“标准化意味着我们需要更少的库存,更少的备件和更少的培训时间,因为我们的员工熟悉Baldor产品,” Highdale解释说。 “我们可以从Baldor获得的产品范围对我们也很重要。 我们可以提供从电动机到机械的所有产品,从防爆到不锈钢。 由于我们进行定制工作,因此我们需要与可以提供各种产品以满足客户需求的公司合作。”

Not only does Baldor offer the depth of product needed, it can also support the products no matter where they end up. Nowak says it’s just one more reason why Baldor is Nercon’s number one choice. “Nercon understands that regardless of where they ship their equipment, there will be support offered on a local level in terms of warranty issues, replacement parts, service, spares or application help,” explains Nowak. “Baldor will always be there to support them because of their international network of district offices, warehouses and distributors, which is unsurpassed by anyone else in the industry.”
Baldor不仅提供所需产品的深度,而且无论最终产品在哪里,都可以为产品提供支持。 Nowak表示,Baldor成为Nercon的第一选择的又一个原因。 Nowak解释说:“ Nercon知道,无论他们在哪里运送设备,都将在保修问题,更换零件,服务,备件或应用程序帮助方面在本地提供支持。” “ Baldor将始终在那里为他们提供支持,因为它们拥有国际化的地区办事处,仓库和分销商网络,这是业内其他任何人所无法比拟的。”

Nercon is regarded as a high-end conveyor manufacturer, and its equipment is considered industry leading from a quality perspective. Mike Weickert, Nercon’s director of engineering, says while he was not involved in the company’s early decision to standardize on Baldor products, he understands why it did and why it continues to use them. He says the bottom line is product quality.
Nercon被视为高端输送机制造商,从质量的角度来看,其设备被认为是行业领先的。 Nercon的工程总监Mike Weickert说,虽然他没有参与公司关于Baldor产品标准化的早期决定,但他理解为什么这样做以及为什么继续使用它们。 他说,最重要的是产品质量。

“Part of our equipment quality comes from the components we choose to install on our conveyors,” explains Weickert. “We build our conveyors to last well past the life of the warranty, and we choose Baldor products because we know they are reliable. For example,Baldor’s washdown and stainless motors hold up under high-pressure cleaning because of their sealing system, and because their bearing systems are lubed for life, they last longer.”  
“我们设备质量的一部分来自我们选择安装在输送机上的组件,” Weickert解释说。 “我们制造的输送机使用寿命可以超过保修期,我们选择Baldor产品是因为我们知道它们是可靠的。 例如,Baldor的冲洗和不锈钢电动机由于其密封系统而在高压清洁下保持不动,并且由于其轴承系统终身润滑,因此使用寿命更长。”

Nercon feels so strongly about the quality of Baldor products that when a customer requests another brand be used, Nercon engineers will talk with the customer about considering using their Baldor options instead.

“We let them know that we can offer them a better solution,” says Weickert. “It’s our job to help guide them to what we think is the best long-term product option – one that will last well beyond the warranty period.”
“我们让他们知道我们可以为他们提供更好的解决方案,” Weickert说。 “我们的工作是帮助引导他们找到我们认为是最佳的长期产品选择-一种可以在保修期内有效的产品。”

Weickert understands the need to keep costs down but believes trying to save money by choosing lesser-quality motors, gearing and bearings is not the right thing to do – for the company or for its customers. Instead, Weickert says, it takes a total cost of ownership approach on the conveyors it supplies because Nercon’s continued success is based on repeat business.
Weickert了解降低成本的必要性,但认为通过选择质量较低的电机,齿轮和轴承来节省成本对公司或客户而言都不是正确的选择。 韦克特说,取而代之的是,由于Nercon的持续成功是基于重复业务,因此它在供应的输送机上采用了总拥有成本方法。

“We understand that our customers only make money when they have a product moving down their line,” says Weickert. “We understand the cost of  downtime, and that’s why we choose to use Baldor products. It’s our job to do everything we can to make sure our customers' equipment is up and running continuously. It’s all about reliability.”
“我们了解,我们的客户只有在产品线下移动时才能赚钱,” Weickert说。 “我们了解到停机造成的损失,这就是为什么我们选择使用Baldor产品的原因。 我们竭尽所能,以确保客户的设备正常运行是我们的工作。 一切都与可靠性有关。”

Providing superior products and responsive service has been key in establishing the relationship Nercon has with Baldor and Kurz. But for a business relationship to grow into a partnership, Weickert says there has to be something more.
提供优质的产品和快速响应的服务是Nercon与Baldor和Kurz建立关系的关键。 但是,要使业务关系发展成合伙关系,Weickert说还必须有更多东西。

“When I have a question or need some help, it’s nice to be able to talk with talented people who really understand their product,” says Weickert. “Baldor has even offered to look at some of our designs and conduct metallurgical tests on some of our shafting and components. This long-standing partnership of product, service and support is something we want to continue because we believe it helps us be more successful.”
“当我有问题或需要帮助时,能够与真正了解他们的产品的才华横溢的人交谈是一件很高兴的事,”韦克特说。 “ Baldor甚至提出要看一下我们的一些设计,并对我们的一些轴系和零件进行冶金测试。 我们希望继续保持这种长期的产品,服务和支持伙伴关系,因为我们相信它可以帮助我们更加成功。”

(Customer Testimonials 客户见证:)
“We build our conveyors to last well past the life of the warranty, and we choose Baldor products because we know they are reliable.” Mike Weickert, director of engineering,  Nercon Eng. & Mfg., Inc.
“我们制造的输送机使用寿命可以超过保修期限,我们选择Baldor产品是因为我们知道它们是可靠的。” Nercon Eng工程总监Mike Weickert。 &Mfg。,Inc.

(Customer Testimonials 客户见证:)
“The service that we get from Kurz is terrific, and Baldor stands behind their product. We know it, and our customers know it.” Faith Bauch, senior purchasing manager, Nercon Eng. & Mfg., Inc.
“我们从库尔兹(Kurz)获得的服务真是棒极了,而Baldor则支持他们的产品。 我们知道,我们的客户也知道。” Nercon Eng高级采购经理Faith Bauch。 &Mfg。,Inc.

(Picture meaning 图片说明:)

A Nercon employee assembles a Baldor•Reliance motor to a Baldor•Dodge Tigear-2 reducer...a perfect match.
Nercon的一名员工将Baldor•Reliance电机组装到Baldor•Dodge Tigear-2减速机上……这是完美的搭配。

(Picture meaning 图片说明:)

Nercon officials believe it’s their job to offer their customers the best solution and provide the best long-term product option. That’s why they choose Baldor products – because they know these products will last well beyond the warranty period. Based on performance and reliability, Nercon chose Baldor•Reliance Super-E Severe Duty ECP motors and Baldor•Dodge Tigear-2 reducers for this conveyor application.
Nercon官员认为,为客户提供最佳解决方案并提供最佳长期产品选择是他们的工作。 这就是他们选择Baldor产品的原因-因为他们知道这些产品的使用寿命将远远超出保修期限。 基于性能和可靠性,Nercon在此输送机应用中选择了Baldor•Reliance Super-E重型ECP电动机和Baldor•Dodge Tigear-2减速器。

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Nercon selected Baldor•Reliance Super-E Stainless Steel Encapsulated motors and Baldor•Dodge EZ Kleen Tigear-2 reducers for this washdown application because these products will last longer under frequent high-pressure sanitizing with caustic chemicals.
Nercon为此冲洗应用选择了Baldor•Reliance Super-E不锈钢封装电机和Baldor•Dodge EZ Kleen Tigear-2减速器,因为这些产品在频繁使用苛性化学剂进行高压消毒的情况下会持续更长的时间。

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Because Nercon builds custom conveyors, it needs to work with a company that can provide a wide variety of products. Nercon officials say that the breadth of both motor and mechanical products available from Baldor is very important. In this application a Baldor•Reliance Super-E, Class 1 explosion proof motor was selected because the motor is designed for use where hazardous fumes may be present.
由于Nercon制造定制的输送机,因此需要与可以提供各种产品的公司合作。 Nercon官员表示,Baldor提供的电机和机械产品的广度非常重要。 在此应用中,选择了Baldor•Reliance Super-E 1类防爆电动机,因为该电动机是为可能存在危险烟雾的应用而设计的。

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