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Baldor Products Featured on State of the Art Test Rig


In late summer of 2011, Flexco, a Downers Grove, Illinois-based manufacturer of products that enhance belt conveyor productivity, began running a new custom-made test rig built to accelerate the design and testing of new products. Founded in 1907, Flexco manufactures a wide array of products, including mechanical belt fastening systems, trackers, cleaners, plows, rollers and lagging.
2011年夏末,位于伊利诺伊州唐纳斯格罗夫的产品制造商Flexco(其提高皮带输送机的生产率)开始运行新的定制测试台,以加快新产品的设计和测试速度。 Flexco成立于1907年,生产各种产品,包括机械皮带扣紧系统,跟踪器,清洁器,犁,辊子和包胶。

Flexco’s diversified offering, combined with increased belt tensions and the continuing evolution of belt construction, prompted the company to invest in the new test rig. Greg Westphall, the director of engineering at Flexco, calls it a one-of-a-kind machine designed to ensure that Flexco products continue to undergo rigorous in-house testing before being placed in the field.
Flexco的多元化产品,再加上皮带张力的增加以及皮带构造的不断发展,促使该公司投资于新的试验台。 Flexco工程总监Greg Westphall称其为同类产品中的佼佼者,旨在确保Flexco产品在投入现场之前能够继续进行严格的内部测试。

Westphall says the 120,000-lb. capacity test rig is running successfully, thanks in part to the quality of Baldor products and the expertise of Baldor engineers who offered a complete solution with specific products.

“We make conveyor belt fasteners, so we don’t have experience specifying motors, drives, gearboxes, bearings and pulleys,” says Westphall. “Selecting these components is somewhat foreign to our engineers. So, our decision to choose Baldor as our partner was based not only on the strong Baldor brand name, but also the added technical value that Baldor is able to provide.”
Westphall说:“我们制造传送带紧固件,因此我们没有具体的电动机,驱动器,变速箱,轴承和皮带轮的经验。” “选择这些组件对于我们的工程师来说有些陌生。 因此,我们选择Baldor作为合作伙伴的决定不仅基于强大的Baldor品牌名称,而且还基于Baldor能够提供的附加技术价值。”

Flexco Mechanical Engineer Dan Dailey says the first line of project support came from Baldor’s Dodge® Field Sales Engineer Nick Roseto, who not only helped with installation and mounting questions, but was also the link to all of the other Baldor engineers who worked on the design and product selection.
Flexco机械工程师Dan Dailey说,项目支持的第一线来自Baldor的Dodge®现场销售工程师Nick Roseto,他不仅帮助解决了安装和安装问题,而且还与所有其他从事设计工作的Baldor工程师建立了联系和产品选择。

“Nick was more than just a sales guy; he had technical knowledge and stayed with us through the entire project,” says Dailey. “When I had a question or needed something, he is who I turned to for help. Nick was a valuable asset, because he consistently answered my questions, plus coordinated the efforts from others on the Baldor team.”
“尼克不仅仅是一个销售人员; 他拥有技术知识,并在整个项目中都与我们在一起。”戴利说。 “当我有问题或需要什么东西时,他就是我求助的人。 尼克是宝贵的财富,因为他始终如一地回答我的问题,并协调Baldor团队其他成员的努力。”

Some of the Baldor engineering effort was focused on developing the correct pulley specifications for such a unique  application. Westphall explained that unlike a conventional bulk material conveyor in which only the drive or head pulley sees maximum tension and the belt width is fixed, all six pulleys see maximum tension on the Flexco rig, and belt width will vary from 10 to 36 inches, making it a very demanding application.
Baldor的一些工程工作集中在为这种独特的应用开发正确的皮带轮规格上。 Westphall解释说,与传统的散装物料输送机不同,在传统的散料输送机中,仅驱动器或头皮带轮承受最大张力,皮带宽度固定,而这一应用,六个皮带轮在Flexco钻机上均承受最大张力,皮带宽度在10到36英寸之间变化,这使得它可以承担这一非常苛刻的应用。

“The Baldor conveyor expert working on this project understood the challenge of running different belt widths on this test rig,” says Westphall. “Concentrating the load in the center of the pulley adds a great deal of stress, so we needed a pulley engineered to withstand extreme loads. We relied on Baldor to design and manufacture the pulleys we needed based on our specifications.”
威斯特法尔说:“从事该项目的Baldor输送机专家了解了在该试验台上运行不同皮带宽度的挑战。” “将负荷集中在皮带轮的中心会增加很大的压力,因此我们需要设计成能够承受极端负荷的皮带轮。 我们依靠Baldor根据我们的规格设计和制造所需的滑轮。”

Baldor engineers also worked with the Flexco engineering team to ensure the optimal horsepower of the Baldor•Reliance Super-E motor and the Baldor•Dodge MagnaGear reducer for the test rig. But Westphall says he and his team are perhaps most grateful for the help selecting the right bearing. In the past, bearing removal was not only difficult but often caused damage.
Baldor工程师还与Flexco工程团队合作,以确保Baldor•Reliance Super-E电机和Baldor•Dodge MagnaGear减速器在测试设备上具有最佳马力。 但是威斯特伐尔说,他和他的团队也许对选择正确轴承的帮助深表感谢。 过去,拆卸轴承不仅困难,而且经常造成损坏。

“Again, unlike a typical conveyor application, we want the flexibility to make pulley changes, which means we want a bearing that comes off the shaft without damaging anything,” explains Westphall. “We want to re-use the bearing time and time again, and when Baldor recommended the Hydraulic ISAF bearing, we were very interested. We believe this product meets our needs and are confident we have found the solution.”
“同样,与典型的输送机应用不同,我们希望能够灵活地更换皮带轮,这意味着我们希望轴承能够从轴上脱落而不会损坏任何东西,” Westphall解释说。 “我们想一次又一次地重复使用轴承,当Baldor建议使用液压ISAF轴承时,我们非常感兴趣。 我们相信该产品能够满足我们的需求,并且相信我们已经找到了解决方案。”

When Flexco engineers began this project, they, with the full support of the company’s board of directors, were determined not to sacrifice quality or settle for second best. Today, they say they are proud to have Baldor equipment on their rig, and Flexco Product Development Engineer Joe Immordino credits Baldor engineers for helping make sure they got the right equipment for this unique application.
当Flexco工程师开始执行此项目时,他们在公司董事会的全力支持下,决心不牺牲质量或争取第二名。 今天,他们说他们为在钻机上安装Baldor设备感到自豪,而Flexco产品开发工程师Joe Immordino赞扬Baldor工程师帮助确保他们获得了适合这种独特应用的正确设备。

“Because it’s the only rig of its kind, we needed a company that had the experience to help us achieve a very high level of performance,” says Immordino. “Because it’s a test unit, it has to have much tighter tolerance than a typical conveying system – we need a high level of precision and reliability, and it has to last 30-plus years. We got the technical expertise from Baldor engineers to help us accomplish all these goals.”
“因为它是同类产品中唯一的,所以我们需要一家有经验的公司来帮助我们实现非常高的性能,” Immordino说。 “由于它是测试单元,因此它必须比典型的输送系统具有更严格的公差-我们需要很高的精度和可靠性,并且必须持续30多年。 我们从Baldor工程师那里获得了专业技术知识,可以帮助我们实现所有这些目标。”

(Customer Testimonials 客户见证:)
“Our decision to choose Baldor as our partner was based not only on the strong Baldor brand name, but also the added technical value that Baldor is able to provide.”
Greg Westphall,  director of engineering,  Flexco
Flexco工程总监Greg Westphall

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Flexco’s new 120,000-lb.-capacity test rig measures 24 feet high and 12 feet wide and weighs approximately 60,000 lbs. Baldor engineers worked with the Flexco engineering team to ensure the optimal horsepower of the Baldor•Reliance® Super-E® motor and the Baldor•Dodge® MagnaGear™ reducer. Baldor engineers also specified the Baldor•Dodge Hydraulic ISAF bearing and the design and specification of the six engineered pulleys used on the test rig.
Flexco新型的120,000磅容量的试验台高24英尺,宽12英尺,重约60,000磅。 Baldor工程师与Flexco工程团队合作,以确保Baldor•Reliance®Super-E®电动机和Baldor•Dodge®MagnaGear™减速器具有最佳马力。 Baldor工程师还指定了Baldor•Dodge液压ISAF轴承,以及测试台上使用的六个工程滑轮的设计和规格。

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Because Flexco engineers want the flexibility to make pulley changes, they asked for a bearing they could get on and off the shaft easily, with no damage. Baldor recommended the Dodge Hydraulic ISAF pillow block bearing, with built-in hydraulic pistons that tighten and loosen the bearing for easy installation and removal. The patented adapter mounting system provides full shaft contact that reduces or eliminates fretting corrosion.
因为Flexco工程师希望灵活地更换皮带轮,所以他们要求一种轴承,可以轻松上下轴而又不会造成损坏。 Baldor建议使用道奇液压ISAF轴承,该轴承带有内置液压活塞,可以拧紧和松开轴承,以便于安装和拆卸。 获得专利的适配器安装系统可提供完整的轴接触,从而减少或消除了微动腐蚀。

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Flexco will use belts from 10 to 36 inches wide on the new test rig, which concentrates the load in the center of the pulley, causing a great deal of stress. Flexco relied on Baldor engineers to design all six pulleys to handle maximum tension and the extreme loads.
Flexco将在新的试验台上使用10至36英寸宽的皮带,该皮带将载荷集中在皮带轮的中央,从而产生很大的压力。 Flexco依靠Baldor工程师设计所有六个皮带轮,以承受最大的拉力和极限载荷。

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Data acquisition, including tracking motor speed, is critical to Flexco engineers, who specified an encoder be added to the Baldor•Reliance Super-E motor.
数据采集(包括跟踪电动机速度)对Flexco工程师至关重要,后者指定将编码器添加到Baldor•Reliance Super-E电动机中。

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Flexco engineers say that using a variable frequency drive is critical to not only jog the conveyor forward and backward, as well as control the speed very precisely.

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