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Baldor电机帮助合作伙伴Mesabi Nugget成功开拓钢铁行业
Baldor电机帮助合作伙伴Mesabi Nugget成功开拓钢铁行业

A Trusted Partnership Leads to Success in the Iron Range

When Aggregate Systems got the job to build more than 55 custom conveyors for a new iron-making plant in Minnesota, there was no question who they would choose to partner with on the project and no question about the products they would use. Since the family-owned business opened its doors in 1996, they have worked with distributor Transmission & Fluid Equipment (TFE) and standardized on Baldor•Dodge® and Baldor•Reliance® products. With a strong history of support and product performance, Aggregate Systems was confident it had the right team to take on a project of this size and make it a success.
当Aggregate Systems接手为明尼苏达州的一家新炼铁厂建造55台以上的定制输送机时,毫无疑问,他们会选择与谁合作进行该项目,也就不会涉及他们将使用的产品。 自这家家族企业于1996年开业以来,他们就与变速箱和流体设备(TFE)分销商合作,并对Baldor•Dodge®和Baldor•Reliance®产品进行了标准化。 凭借悠久的支持和产品性能历史,Aggregate Systems确信它拥有合适的团队来承接如此规模的项目并取得成功。

Based in Rome City, Indiana, Aggregate Systems specializes in fabricating custom material handling systems for the aggregate, asphalt and ready mix industries. Tim Sibert, Aggregate Systems project manager, says from the beginning, the company’s strategy was to build a solid reputation by providing superior quality to its customers.
Aggregate Systems总部位于印第安纳州罗马市,专门为骨料,沥青和预拌料行业制造定制的物料处理系统。 Aggregate Systems项目经理Tim Sibert表示,从一开始,该公司的战略就是通过为客户提供卓越的质量来建立良好的声誉。

“When my dad started this company, he decided from day one that we would use Baldor products,” says Sibert. “The Baldor•Reliance and Baldor•Dodge brand names are big in this industry; they stand for quality, and that’s what we have always used. We also chose to work exclusively with TFE, a strong Baldor distributor; they know exactly how to support us, and we have never had any reason to change.”
“当我父亲创办这家公司时,他从第一天起就决定使用Baldor电机产品,” Sibert说。 “ Baldor•Reliance和Baldor•Dodge品牌在这个行业很重要; 它们代表质量,这就是我们一直使用的。 我们还选择与强大的Baldor电机分销商TFE合作。 他们确切地知道如何支持我们,我们从来没有任何理由要改变。”

The custom conveyors for the Mesabi Nugget project would take Aggregate Systems to Hoyt Lakes, on the Mesabi Iron Range in the wilds of Northeastern Minnesota. Co-investors Steel Dynamics, Inc. (SDI) and Kobe Steel, Ltd., were building the first plant in the world to commercially produce iron nuggets using the revolutionary ITmk3® process, which stands for “iron-making technology mark three.”  Developed by Kobe Steel, the groundbreaking iron making technology uses a rotary hearth furnace to turn iron ore, pulverized coal and limestone into iron nuggets that have 97% iron content. Most of thenuggets produced will be shipped by rail to SDI’s three Indiana steel mills.
Mesabi Nugget项目的定制输送机将把骨料系统带到明尼苏达州东北部野外Mesabi铁岭上的Hoyt湖。 共同投资商Steel Dynamics,Inc.(SDI)和神户制钢有限公司正在建造世界上第一家采用革命性的ITmk3®工艺生产铁块的商业工厂,该工艺代表“炼铁技术标志三”。 由神户钢铁公司开发的突破性炼铁技术使用旋转炉床炉将铁矿石,煤粉和石灰石转变成含铁量为97%的铁块。 生产的大部分锡合金将通过铁路运送到SDI的三个印第安纳州钢厂。

While building the material handling equipment to convey resources from one area to the next was a big project with some sizeable conveyors, Sibert says his team focused on doing what they’ve always done with the products they have always used.

“The Baldor•Dodge TXT and the Torque-Arm II™ reducers are the standard in this industry,” says Sibert. “Then we match them up with Baldor•Reliance motors, Baldor•Dodge Mine Duty Extra pulleys, USAF and ISAF bearings. These are rugged products that have a proven history of success in this industry.”
“ Baldor•Dodge TXT和Torque-Arm II™减速器是该行业的标准,” Sibert说。 “然后,我们将它们与Baldor•Reliance电动机,Baldor•Dodge Mine Duty Extra皮带轮,USAF和ISAF轴承相匹配。 这些坚固耐用的产品在该行业中拥有成功的成功历史。”

Knowing exactly what products to use on the project, the next step was getting TFE involved to get the process started.

Turning to Another Trusted Partner

Like Aggregate Systems, TFE is also a family-owned and operated business that is very loyal to Baldor and all its products. Headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, TFE has been a Baldor distributor since its doors opened in 1964. Chris Hughes, TFE president and co-owner, says quality is the reason Baldor products are their leading line.
像Aggregate Systems一样,TFE也是家族拥有和经营的业务,非常忠于Baldor及其所有产品。 自1964年成立以来,TFE一直是Baldor的分销商,总部位于印第安纳州韦恩堡。TFE总裁兼共同所有人Chris Hughes表示,质量是Baldor产品成为其领先优势的原因。

“It’s not only about the quality of the products, it’s also the quality of the support we receive from Baldor,” says Hughes. “From corporate, to the plants, to the local Baldor•Dodge sales engineer calling on us, Baldor makes us feel like we are doing business together as one team, and that works really well for us.”
休斯说:“这不仅关乎产品的质量,还关乎我们从Baldor获得支持的质量。” “从公司到工厂,再到当地的Baldor•Dodge销售工程师拜访我们,Baldor让我们觉得我们像一个团队一样一起开展业务,这对我们来说真的很不错。”

TFE has had an equally strong partnership with Aggregate Systems for the past 14 years, and the company trusts TFE to do the right thing.  
在过去的14年中,TFE与Aggregate Systems建立了同样牢固的合作伙伴关系,该公司相信TFE会做正确的事。

“That’s why, when they told us about the Mesabi Nugget project and the number of conveyors they were going to build, we immediately thought this would be an ideal project to quote through Baldor’s System-1™ group,” explains Miller. “We realized that by coordinating the project through System-1, we could relieve Aggregate Systems of a lot of the logistics details, plus help them with their installation and labor costs.”
“这就是为什么,当他们向我们介绍Mesabi Nugget项目以及他们将要建造的输送机数量时,我们立即认为这是通过Baldor的System-1™小组进行报价的理想项目,” Miller解释说。 “我们意识到,通过System-1协调项目,我们可以减轻Aggregate Systems的许多物流细节,并帮助他们降低安装和人工成本。”

Baldor’s System-1 group provides expertise in design and product selection, as well as quoting and ordering multiple products in one complete package. This was not the first time TFE had worked with System-1, but it was the first time they had worked together on a project of this size.  
Baldor的System-1小组提供了设计和产品选择的专业知识,以及在一个完整的包装中报价和订购多个产品。 这不是TFE第一次与System-1合作,但这是他们首次与这个规模的项目合作。

“Aggregate Systems would give us all the details, like tons per hour, belt width, belt length and so on,” explains Miller. “Then we worked directly with System1 to help us do the engineering work, and then finally to help with selecting the correct products. We look at System-1 as sort of our own engineering firm, plus we get one part number and one invoice. It’s all so easy.”
“打包系统将为我们提供所有详细信息,例如每小时吨数,皮带宽度,皮带长度等,” Miller解释说。 “然后,我们直接与System1合作,帮助我们完成工程工作,然后最终帮助选择正确的产品。 我们将System-1视为我们自己的工程公司,另外,我们还会获得一个零件编号和一张发票。 一切都很简单。”

Another way TFE simplified the process for Aggregate Systems was to have all the Baldor packages and other equipment shipped to its large warehouse. According to Jay Millard, TFE sales manager, since TFE is accustomed to receiving and shipping equipment, it made more sense for them to handle this part of the job.  
TFE简化Aggregate Systems流程的另一种方法是将所有Baldor包裹和其他设备运送到大型仓库。 根据TFE销售经理Jay Millard的说法,由于TFE习惯于接收和运输设备,因此让他们来处理这部分工作更有意义。

“When the equipment came in, we sorted it by conveyor, labeled it, put it on a pallet and shipped it to either Rome City or Minnesota,” explains Millard. “We worked closely with Aggregate Systems to figure out which conveyors needed to be done first, and we worked the project that way, sending them what they needed, when they needed it. It worked because we have a close relationship with both Aggregate Systems and Baldor, and we have open communications with both companies.”
“当设备进来时,我们通过传送带对其进行分类,贴上标签,放在托盘上,然后运到罗马市或明尼苏达州,”米拉德解释说。 “我们与Aggregate Systems紧密合作,确定首先需要完成哪些输送机,然后我们以这种方式工作该项目,在需要时将它们发送给他们。 之所以奏效,是因为我们与Aggregate Systems和Baldor都有着密切的关系,并且我们与两家公司都保持着开放的沟通。”

For his part, Sibert says the partnership he has with TFE and Baldor is strong. He welcomes the extra support from both and has complete trust that both companies will work in his best interest. Sibert calls the Mesabi Nugget project a huge success, but then again, that’s exactly what he expected with the team he had working with him.
Sibert说,他与TFE和Baldor的合作伙伴关系很牢固。 他欢迎双方提供的额外支持,并完全相信两家公司将以他的最大利益开展工作。 Sibert称Mesabi Nugget项目取得了巨大的成功,但是话又说回来,这正是他对与他合作的团队的期望。

“We choose to partner with Baldor and TFE because not only can I trust them while we are working on the job, I also know that both will stand behind the project when it’s done,” says Sibert. “Our company is in it for the long haul, and we live on our reputation. That’s why we only work with others that we can count on, and we only choose products that are dependable. That’s why we choose to partner with Baldor and TFE.”
“我们选择与Baldor和TFE合作,因为在工作过程中我不仅可以信任他们,而且我也知道,一旦完成,两者都会支持该项目。” “我们的公司将长期存在,而我们将继续保持声誉。 这就是为什么我们只与可以依靠的其他人合作,而我们只选择可靠的产品。 因此,我们选择与Baldor和TFE合作。”

(Customer Testimonials 客户见证:)
“When my dad started this company, he decided from day one that we would use Baldor products. The Baldor•Reliance and Baldor•Dodge brand names are big in this industry; they stand for quality.” Tim Sibert,  project manager,  Aggregate Systems
“当我父亲创办这家公司时,他从第一天起就决定我们将使用Baldor产品。 Baldor•Reliance和Baldor•Dodge品牌在这个行业很重要; 他们代表质量。” 聚合系统项目经理Tim Sibert

(Picture meaning 图片说明:)
Groundbreaking iron-making technology uses a rotary hearth furnace to turn iron ore, pulverized coal and limestone into iron nuggets that have 97% iron content. Most of the nuggets produced at the Mesabi Nugget plant are shipped by rail to three Indiana steel mills owned by Steel Dynamics, Inc.
突破性的炼铁技术使用旋转炉床炉将铁矿石,煤粉和石灰石转化为含铁量为97%的铁块。 Mesabi Nugget工厂生产的大部分熔核都是通过铁路运输到Steel Dynamics,Inc.拥有的三个印第安纳州钢厂。

(Picture meaning 图片说明:)
A size 10 Baldor•Dodge TXT, Baldor•Dodge V-belt drive and 75 HP Baldor•Reliance motor were selected to power one of the largest conveyors at the Mesabi Nugget plant.  (Please note that this equipment was not running, and the guards were removed for photographic purposes.)
选择了尺寸为10的Baldor•Dodge TXT,Baldor•Dodge V型皮带驱动器和75 HP Baldor•Reliance电机为Mesabi Nugget工厂最大的输送机之一提供动力。 (请注意,该设备未运行,并且出于摄影目的已卸下了护罩。)

(Picture meaning 图片说明:)
When Aggregate Systems got the job to build more than 55 customer conveyors for the Mesabi Nugget plant, it chose to partner with distributor Transmission & Fluid Equipment and standardize on Baldor•Reliance and Baldor•Dodge products.
当Aggregate Systems接手为Mesabi Nugget工厂建造超过55个客户输送机时,它选择与分销商Transmission&Fluid Equipment合作,并标准化Baldor•Reliance和Baldor•Dodge产品。

(Picture meaning 图片说明:)
Aggregate Systems chose to use Baldor•Dodge USAF (pictured here) and ISAF bearings throughout the project. Company leaders describe these products as rugged with a proven history of success in the industry.
在整个项目中,骨料系统公司选择使用Baldor•Dodge USAF(此处为图片)和ISAF轴承。 公司领导者称这些产品坚固耐用,并在行业中拥有成功的成功历史。

(Picture meaning 图片说明:)

Distributor Transmission & Fluid Equipment (TFE) chose to work with Baldor’s System-1 group on the large project. TFE worked directly with System-1 for help with the engineering work and selection of the correct products. According to the TFE sales team, they look at System-1 as sort of their own engineering firm, plus they like the fact that they get one part number and one invoice for the job.
分配器变速箱和流体设备(TFE)选择与Baldor的System-1小组合作进行大型项目。 TFE直接与System-1合作,以帮助进行工程设计和选择正确的产品。 根据TFE销售团队的说法,他们将System-1视为自己的工程公司,此外,他们喜欢为工作获得一个零件编号和一张发票的事实。

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