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集料电机(Aggregate motors)行业应用

-Aggregate motors

Aggregate motors

The right Baldor motors in the toughest conditions

Building on the rich history of our mechanical power transmission products, you can expect the same level of quality, trust and reliability with Baldor-Reliance® NEMA motor solutions. We understand the loads v-belt drives put on bearings as well as conveyors starting under load and the need to power through. We also understand surges in the system happen all while performing in some of the harshest environmental conditions.

Ball and roller bearing designs for coupled and belted applications provide flexibility to fit any application. Large rotatable conduit boxes offer easy connection points in F1/F2, horizontal and vertical installations. Suitable for use on Sine wave and inverter power for fixed and adjustable speed operation.
适用于联轴器和皮带应用的滚珠轴承和滚柱轴承设计提供了适合任何应用的灵活性。大型可旋转导管盒在F1 / F2位值,为u水平和垂直安装中提供了便捷的连接点。适用于正弦波和变频器电源,用于定速和可调速运行。

Rugged, durable motor construction protects rotating and electrical components to provide extended operating life in industrial applications prone to dusty, dirty, wet outdoor and potentially high vibration environments.

Lower operating cost
Highest energy efficient designs reduce operating costs (since 97.3% of typical motor life cycle costs are from energy consumption). Baldor-Reliance premium efficient Super-E® motor’s meet and exceed all energy efficiency requirements for US, Canada and Mexico regulations.
最高能效的设计可降低运营成本(因为97.3%的典型电机生命周期成本来自于电能消耗)。 Baldor-Reliance高效Super-E®电机达到并超过了美国,加拿大和墨西哥法规的所有能效要求。

In this industry it is all about having enough torque available when you need it to maximize production. Selecting the right motor is key to providing the needed starting torque, peak torque and the ability to handle overloads.
在这个行业中,关键是要在需要时提供足够的扭矩以最大化产量。 选择合适的电动机是提供所需的启动转矩,峰值转矩以及处理过载能力的关键。

Severe duty
ECP motors
Baldor Severe duty motors


Suited for normal torque applications in harsh industrial environments where reliability and highest operating efficiency is desired. Built with heavy duty cast iron enclosure and regreasable bearings to maximize the life of the motor. The entire Severe Duty line harnesses a feature rich philosophy that is standard on all frame sizes of the product family. Premium efficiency electrical designs provide 1.15 service factor and are suited for use on inverter power. Rated for IP55 enclosure protection to increase the reliably of your equipment.
3:整个Severe Duty生产线都采用了功能丰富的理念,这是该产品系列所有框架尺寸的标准配置。

Target applications:

• Water delivery systems
• Normal & light conveying
• Pumping & drainage

— 01 Baldor-Reliance severe duty motors are available from stock from 1 thru 800 Hp. For complete list of ratings, please visit www.know-sh.com
Baldor-Reliance重型电动机的现货供应范围为1至800 Hp。 有关评级的完整列表,请访问www.know-sh.com

— 02 Dirt, dust and water are common environmental conditions in the aggregate industry.
— 02灰尘,灰尘和水是集料行业中常见的环境条件。

Crusher duty
ECR motors
Crusher duty motors

Building on the proven reliability of our Severe Duty motors, Crusher Duty motors are designed to meet demanding aggregate industry challenges. Equipped with industry leading locked rotor and breakdown torques and above average Service Factor up to 1.25; the Crusher Duty motors are capable of reliable operation during peak loading conditions. All designs reduce total cost of ownership and increase flexible operation with NEMA Premium Efficient designs that can operate across the line or with inverter power. A rugged all cast iron construction is enhanced with an IP55 enclosure to protect the motor in harsh environments typical for outdoor industrial applications.  To ensure long life in either couple or belted applications, crusher duty motors utilize oversized ball and roller bearings. To minimize electrical damage from vibration, motors have sturdy stator coil head lacing and lead separators to prevent movement and ground faults.
基于我们的重型电机的久经考验的可靠性,Crusher Duty电机旨在满足严苛的总体行业挑战。配备行业领先的锁定转子和击穿扭矩,且平均维修系数高达1.25; Crusher Duty电机能够在峰值负载条件下可靠运行。所有设计均通过NEMA Premium降低了总体拥有成本,并提高了灵活操作的效率。该设计可在整个线路或逆变器电源上运行。 IP55外壳增强了坚固的全铸铁结构,可在室外工业典型的恶劣环境中保护电动机。为了确保在偶合或皮带应用中的长寿命,破碎机负荷电动机使用超大的滚珠和滚子轴承。为了最大程度地减少振动对电机造成的损害,电机采用了坚固的定子线圈头系带和引线分离器,以防止运动和接地故障。

Our 586/587 frame models have an IP66 rating and an oversized 4.375" diameter shaft with 4140 material as well as an oversized NU324 roller bearing for belted applications. We have also included an oversized 6322 insulated bearing on the non-drive end which is axially locked and is suitable for vertical applications. All 580 frame motors come standard as F3 mount with oversized conduit box; these motors will be provided with a terminal board for easy and convenient connection.

Target applications:
• Belted conveying: feeders, stacker & overland
• Screen decks
• Augers & screw conveyors
• Log washers • Crushers

— 01 Baldor-Reliance high torque Crusher Duty motors available from 5 thru 500 Hp. For complete list of ratings, please visit www.know-sh.com
— 01 Baldor-Reliance高扭矩破碎机负荷电动机的功率范围为5至500 Hp。 有关评级的完整列表,请访问www.know-sh.com

— 02 586 & 587 frame motors offer direct interchange for existing equipment
— 02 586和587框架电机可直接与现有设备互换
— 03 Screen decks are prone to surges and loaded starts.
— 03筛板容易出现喘振和负载启动。

— 04 Crushers are subject to jams and overloads requiring extra torque  to clear.
— 04破碎机容易被堵转和过载,需要额外的扭矩才能清除。

— 05 Heavily loaded starts and long distance transportation are common in overland conveying.
— 05在陆路皮带输送中,重载起步和长距离运输很常见。

High torque motors for severe applications

Catalog numbers ending in -4 are rated for 460 volts only, all other catalog numbers are rated for 230/460 volts.
Typical conveyor applications
Typical decks, washers, other high torque applications
Typical crusher applications

Catalog numbers ending in -PP, -PPN or -4 are rated for 460 volts only, all other catalog numbers are rated for 230/460 volts. 586 and 587 frame sizes have an oversized 4.375 inch shaft diameter.
以-PP,-PPN或-4结尾的目录编号仅额定为460伏,所有其他目录编号均额定为230/460伏。 586和587机架尺寸的轴径超大4.375英寸。

Typical crusher applications
Conversion bases

Quarry duty/custom capabilities

Quarry duty motors
Low horsepower solutions for specialty high torque and overload applications in industrial environments where lighter motor weight, reliability and highest operating output are desired. Motors have heavy gauge steel frame construction rated for IP55 enclosure protection for long life in applications exposed to the elements. Premium efficiency electrical designs minimize operating costs while providing NEMA Design C torques and a 1.15 service factor. Motors are suitable for fixed speed and variable speed operation for a wide range of operational output.
低功率解决方案适用于工业环境中的特殊高转矩和过载应用,这些环境要求更轻的电动机重量,可靠性和最高的运行输出。 电机采用重型钢制框架结构,防护等级为IP55,可在暴露于这些元素的应用中延长使用寿命。 高效电气设计在提供NEMA Design C扭矩和1.15服务系数的同时,将运营成本降至最低。 电机适用于定速和变速运行,可提供广泛的运行输出。

Custom capabilities
The most complete product offering for global aggregate and mining industry with custom motor designs for unique OEM requirements. Offering a complete solution including DC motors, air or water cooled, medium voltage, permanent magnet designs and submersibles all with extensive product families.
为全球集料和采矿业提供最完整的产品,并具有可满足独特OEM要求的定制电机设计。 提供完整的解决方案,包括直流电动机,风冷或水冷,中压,永磁体设计和潜水器,所有这些产品均具有广泛的产品系列。

— 01 Quarry duty motors are available in catalog ratings from 2 Hp to 10 Hp.  For complete list of ratings, please visit www.know-sh.com.
— 01采石场负载电动机的目录额定值为2 Hp至10 Hp。 有关评级的完整列表,请访问www.know-sh.com

— ABB Baldor Motors and Mechanical Inc. 5711 R.S. Boreham, Jr. Street Fort Smith, AR 72901 Ph: 1.479.646.4711







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